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Nate Walker Announces Candidacy for State Senate. October 18, 2017. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Today, State Representative Nate Walker announced he will run for the Missouri State Senate in the 18th district.

A REALTOR® and farmer, Walker currently represents the City of Kirksville, the western part of Adair County, Sullivan, Putnam, and Mercer Counties in the Missouri House of Representatives, District 3. He recently gained national attention for his efforts to stop tax dollars from funding NFL stadiums.

“Big city special interests, wealthy developers, and billionaire NFL owners are lining their pockets with our hard-earned tax dollars. Enough is enough. Tax dollars belong in our schools, our roads, and our communities—not in empty football stadiums. I will fight to make sure they don’t end up there,” said Walker.

Nate Walker learned the value of a hard day’s work at a young age. As a child, he worked on the family farm. Then, he worked his way through college, becoming the 4th generation of his family to graduate with an agriculture degree from the University of Missouri.

“Protecting property rights, fighting burdensome regulations, and supporting the end of the inheritance tax on family farms are all priorities for me, because my agriculture background is who I am,” said Walker.

Walker’s family has been involved in farming and agribusiness for generations. Nate’s grandfather, Preston V. Walker, was one of the original members of the Soil and Water Conservation Commission and general manager of the local rural coop. Nate’s other grandfather, Madison E. “Mac” Belt, was a raw fur dealer and grain elevator owner. Nate’s brother operates a farm and ranch on land passed down through generations.

“I was raised in a community where hard work was not just a value, but a necessity. The average person now must work over 100 days just to pay their annual tax bill, and that is just wrong,” Walker said. “We work hard just to see those tax dollars go to empty pro-football stadiums and collapsing schools in St. Louis City. Meanwhile, swindlers have nearly bankrupted our communities like Mamtek did in Moberly or the $90 million medical billing scheme, under current federal investigation, did in Putnam County.”

Walker believes that government has grown too big and bloated to serve Missouri citizens effectively. In the Senate, Walker will fight to make government smaller and more accountable to taxpayers while providing better service.

“It is time government was held accountable. I plan to start by introducing legislation that would shine the light on waste and require a mandatory review of every state program every five years. Bureaucrats would have to account for its expenses and show whether it is operating efficiently and effectively, providing a service worth taxpayer funding,” Walker said. Nate’s mother was involved in a serious car collision when he was young, making a tremendous impact on his view of health care policy.

“Health care was a real issue to me and my family growing up. I feel strongly that we need to repeal Obamacare and create a state-based healthcare plan managed by Missourians for Missourians. It’s time to cut costly regulations, eliminate waste, and provide better access to quality care,” said Walker. Walker’s family came from England and settled in Jamestown to seek personal freedoms and religious independence. Walker’s family has lived in Northern Missouri for seven generations. Nate’s son, Sam Walker, served in Afghanistan and Nate’s father and uncle were World War II veterans. His uncle was killed in combat during World War II.

Walker is an avid sportsman, a NRA member for almost 40 years, and a staunch defender of the rights of law abiding gun owners. He has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association for his strong defense of our Second Amendment Rights in the legislature. Walker is a father of two sons and is a strong supporter of pro-life issues. He has been endorsed by pro-life groups and Missouri Right to Life.

“My family has fought and died protecting our freedoms and the American dream. Our personal liberties are at the forefront of what I will fight for in the State Senate. I am beholden to no special interests and I owe my candidacy to nobody but the great people of Northeast Missouri. I will always fight for our God- given Rights, including the Right to Life and the Second Amendment,” added Walker.

Walker has always been deeply involved in his community and is currently active as an elder at the Kirksville First Christian Church, the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Elks Lodge, Masonic Lodge, Shrine Club, Ducks Unlimited, Whitetails Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, and the Historical Society.

Nate Walker for Missouri State Senate.  Nate Walker is a Strong, Fresh, Conservative Voice for Missouri

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